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Second, but not least...

Creating your author business doesn't have to be overwhelming. A great career starts with a solid plan and some in-house shortcuts that will enable you to spend more time doing what you love: Writing!

That ideal plan can reduce frustration, time, and costs.

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As a bonus for subscribing, you'll also receive my free Publishing Timeline printable, on which you can calculate your estimated publication date and budget as well as your target daily word count and page count goals for your projects.

This is just one of many templates I use to manage my writing and my business.

(I sell the automated digital version on Teespring.)

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In this newsletter, you'll get access to:

  • Writing advice and plotting worksheets

  • Tips to cut publishing costs by more than half

  • Documents, videos, and info on building writing and editing workflows, series bibles, character and world building

  • Other types of information, including branding and artworks

  • Inspirational stuff

  • (and more!)


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